Tuesday, August 11, 2009

$L1 PhotoStudio

Photo Studio by Dyrfinna Rennaha
$L1 on XstreetSL

The Photo Studio sold by Dyrfinna Rennaha sells on XstreetSL for $L1. For that one linden, you get a pose stand with 69 poses and a backdrop with 28 textures. The photo studio is a total of 4 prims. Three of the prims are for the pose stand. The remaining prim is the backdrop and floor. The pose stand and the backdrop are linked. The pose stand houses 69 poses. These are the basic freebie model poses one can find in-world. The pose stand does not hide which for me is a drawback. Also you can not add any new poses to the stand. The backdrop has 28 backgrounds. The backgrounds appear on the backdrop as well as the floor of the studio. The backgrounds are changed by a menu system which is very nice. Unfortunately you can not add your own backgrounds to this photo studio. The backgrounds themselves are very nice. Dyrfinna says she will not be updating the photo studio which is a shame. A few changes would make this go from a nice beginner studio to a good beginner studio. I would like to see the pose stand be able to hide on command and I would like the ability to add. Also, being linked you can not move the pose stand if you wanted to. For the money though it is a pretty nice studio.

Interestingly enough, while you can not add backgrounds or poses, you can take the poses from the photo studio into inventory along with the scripts. So it would be possible to create a backdrop of your own and put the backgrounds and scripts into your created backdrop. Then you could get one of the freebie stands that can be hidden and load it with the poses and have your own modifiable studio. At the very least, you could use the backgrounds in a studio that has modify perms.

Check out the studio on Xstreetsl at

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Genuinely Useful Portable Model's Photo Studio & *Marxi* Posesphere 2

"Genuinely Useful" *FREE* Portable Model's Photo Studio &
*Marxi* Posesphere 2 ...

These two studios are the work of Marx Dudek. I love these two studios for their simplicity and (of course) their price. Marx was kind enough to send me a copy of her new Photosphere 2 so I decided to include it in the same review.

The *FREE* GU Portable Model Photo Studio consists of a simple photo ball and posing stand. The interior of the photoball itself is white. If you know how to change textures, you can easily tint the interior to whatever color suits your fancy. I will usually tint mine to blue for easy cropping using GIMP or Photoshop Elements. The stand is a simple 3 prim stand that will allow you to add your own poses. The entire setup is a total of 4 prims and is fully linked. Did I mention it was FREE! It is also full perms so if you can do a bit of scripting, you can add scripts to make it better. I did some scripting and thinking it added value to the GU photoball, I contacted Marx for permission to put my version on XStreet. That is when Marx told me of the new improved version: *Marxi* Photosphere 2.

*Marxi* Photosphere 2 is a scripted version of the GU Photoball. Marx has reduced the prims in half by creating her own pose stand that is menu driven. The Photosphere itself is now scripted to change color. Clicking on the photosphere bring up the blue menu where you can pick the color you want the Photosphere to be. There are over 60 colors available. The only problem I found is that the entire photosphere changes color. I would perfer to only have the interior change. I spoke to Marx about this and she agreed and let me know she would be working on it. Marx also has a texture changer planned as a future enhancement.

The best part is the the posing stand! The menu driven pose engine that Marx provides comes with the ability to rotate your model, and select poses from the menu. The pose engine also has an auto pose and auto time feature. But as an added value, the pose stand comes with 70 new poses! This gives a total of 146 poses. I do like the new poses. Marx has been allowed to use and sell the poses in the studio. The new poses are not the freebie poses you see all around SL For the cost of the studio, you get 70 poses! Quite a bargain too me. Oh yes, Marx does charge for this studio. The $L30 she is charging fits my frugal budget.

I want to say something a bit off topic. Since it is my blog i guess I can :p
The other day, I had my photo taken by someone using one of the most expensive studios you can purchase on XStreet. The expensive studio was housed in a beautiful building, probably rented space. When I stepped on the posing stand, I was rotated through the freebie model poses you can find almost everywhere in-world. What gives??? With a little bit of work, and a small budget, you can get poses from the lucky chairs or the dollar poses at Striking Poses. Many other stores that sell poses also have samples. You can easily get 20 poses to replace the old worn out freebie poses. OK, I will get off my soap box now. (My soapbox is for sale in my store, Tracy's Basement, in Lavender Isle.)

Till next time :)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

GlamStudio V by Cid Vilas

GlamStudio V by Cid Vilas

XstreetSL has listed one of what I believe to be the best values for photo studios: the GlamStudio V. This version is now the older version as a newer, more expensive, version is being sold in-world. For $L350, you get a full and ready-to-use photo studio complete with a posing stand.

The studio itself is a standard black but allows you to change the canvas color to 10 colors. It also comes with side wings to give coverage from the sides and had a roof that can be add for maximum coverage. The studio toggles between 3 sizes.

This studio will hold as many backgrounds as you would like. Background changes are done through a dialog box or through a chat search feature which is great if you know the name of the background you want to use. A cool feature for the backgrounds is the ability to toggle between a fixed mode and a tiled mode. The tiled mode works well for seamless textures. There is also a toggle for full-bright.

The studio also includes a full light system. 6 customizable lights are provided with 10 levels of intensity as well as the ability to have 6 customizable presets. A particle system is also included with fire particles, fog particles and more!

As mentioned, the studio comes with its own posing stand. You can add your own poses to the stand. The stand allows for rotating your model by touching the prims on the stand. The studio has an interesting feature that allows the stand to go at a 45 degree angle. This can create some interesting poses. To get the stand back into position, the studio has an “align stand” feature that returns the stand to its original placement.

For those interested, the studio has a hide button to, what else, hide the studio. The studio has locks built in for personal use, group use and public use.

As mentioned in my previous blog, this studio is the one I currently use.

I mentioned that the GlamStudio V is an older version. A newer version is offered, in-world, for $L1,000. If you purchase the $L350 version first, Cid Vilas (the creator) will refund you the cost of the GlamStudio V ($L350). So you could get 2 studios for $L650 (After refund!) .

The GlamStudio V can be found on XStreetSL at:

In my next blog, I will go back to reviewing low or no cost studios that will give you a start in SL photography. They may not do everything the big studios, or even the two reviewed so far, can do, but they will let you practice on usable equipment to see if SL photography is for you.

Till next time! :)

****If you have a favorite studio you would like me to review, drop me a comment or IM me in-world. If you are the creator of a studio and would like me to review your creation, IM me and send me a copy of the studio. I will test it out in my sky workshop and get the review on the blog as soon as i can!

Sunday, December 7, 2008


A friend received a photo studio as a gift in-world. She was asking everyone to come see it and of course she just had to take a picture. I was given the picture she took of me. That's when I wanted to be an SL Photographer.

When I decided to give SL Photography a try, I looked around for a studio I could afford. At the time, the job I had only paid tips so something afforable was a priority. While looking for studios on onrez.com, I found what I was looking for: the STUDIO-X by BigJohn Jade. The STUDIO-X is perfect for both the first time SL Photographer and an old pro.

The STUDIO-X comes with 71 backgrounds catagorized into themes. The background selection is menu driven. Both the background and the floor change when a theme set is loaded. You can add your own backgrounds also. Adding backgrounds is a bit different than other studios. Notecards are utilized. You can add to an existing theme or create your own theme. You do not load the actual textures into the studio. You use the textures UUID on the notecard. It took me a bit of getting use to but I created my own theme set!

The Studio-X comes with a Lighting Effects module. With the lighting module, you can set the studio to glow, and set the light. Using an RGB button, you can create any lighting color you need. The button converts supplied RGB values to the SL color code. You can then use the code in the lighting notecard for use with the studio. The default notecard has 31 colors which is probably all you will ever need! :) The light effect is best when you force midnight.

The studio can be set for use by the owner only, group only or for public use. The current version also come with a check update button so you can always get the current version of the studio. When I first found the studio, BigJohn Jade did not have time to work on it any more but now has found time to make improvments to the version I first acquired.

As I stated at the beginning, I needed a studio I could afford. This studio fit the bill as BigJohn Jade charges $L0 for the studio! Yep, it is free! BigJohn Jade does ask for a free will contribution if you like and or use the studio.

At the moment, the studio does not come with a posing stand. BigJohn does have plans to add a posing module sometime in the future. In the meantime, there are some free posing stands on onrez.com or XStreetSL.com, many even come with poses.

Currently BigJohn sells the Studio-X on onrez.com. you can find it at http://shop.onrez.com/item/716120

That's all for now... I am thinking of reviewing the second studio I owned. I will see how the spirit moves me.

Chat with ya later!

Friday, November 14, 2008

My Introduction

As the About Me section says, I am Tracy Serra loving the interaction and events in Second Life.
I work as the host at Gia's Fashion Cabaret on Lavender Island where i also have my store called Tracy's Basement which sells an assortment of items, some that I have made! :) Lavender Island is owned by a good friend, Jenny Heying, who is the owner of Gia's Fashion Cabaret and the CEO of Lavender Corporation.

I also have a photo studio at the Gran entertainment Complex run by probably my oldest friend in SL, Dave Gran. My studio is called Studio Exposures. I am also doing Live music slideshows for Gia's Fashion Cabaret and Anthology. Anthology is a new club featuring live performances run by my friend Trella McMahon. All my slideshows are on my YouTube page. Just search for Tracy Serra. I also have some of my SL photographs up on a Flickr page. Once I fugure out how to do it, I will put links up to both for easy access :)

I am intending to talk a lot about SL photography and on how to get started. I plan on giving ideas of what to do and what you need and where to get then...cheaply! I am also hoping to review photo studios here. There are a lot of photo studios available that range from $L0 to to $L8000.

That's all for now, I hope there is some interest in this subject. I would say I will only talk about SL photography. I am sure other topic will come up. :)

Thanks for reading :)