Tuesday, August 11, 2009

$L1 PhotoStudio

Photo Studio by Dyrfinna Rennaha
$L1 on XstreetSL

The Photo Studio sold by Dyrfinna Rennaha sells on XstreetSL for $L1. For that one linden, you get a pose stand with 69 poses and a backdrop with 28 textures. The photo studio is a total of 4 prims. Three of the prims are for the pose stand. The remaining prim is the backdrop and floor. The pose stand and the backdrop are linked. The pose stand houses 69 poses. These are the basic freebie model poses one can find in-world. The pose stand does not hide which for me is a drawback. Also you can not add any new poses to the stand. The backdrop has 28 backgrounds. The backgrounds appear on the backdrop as well as the floor of the studio. The backgrounds are changed by a menu system which is very nice. Unfortunately you can not add your own backgrounds to this photo studio. The backgrounds themselves are very nice. Dyrfinna says she will not be updating the photo studio which is a shame. A few changes would make this go from a nice beginner studio to a good beginner studio. I would like to see the pose stand be able to hide on command and I would like the ability to add. Also, being linked you can not move the pose stand if you wanted to. For the money though it is a pretty nice studio.

Interestingly enough, while you can not add backgrounds or poses, you can take the poses from the photo studio into inventory along with the scripts. So it would be possible to create a backdrop of your own and put the backgrounds and scripts into your created backdrop. Then you could get one of the freebie stands that can be hidden and load it with the poses and have your own modifiable studio. At the very least, you could use the backgrounds in a studio that has modify perms.

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